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About Jaimie



I’m Jaimie, a contemporary self-taught artist. I love creating artwork that is atmospheric and is full of texture, with bold and vibrant colours. 

After leaving school I undertook a bachelors degree in a non art subject and pursued a professional corporate career for 20+ years. It wasn't until I decided to leave work to be at home full time for my growing children that I rediscovered art and painting. I enrolled in a local art class and that was it I was hooked and I've not stopped since. 

My art clearly shows my love of working with vibrant colours and thick texture and my process is to start with an idea around colours and composition but then develops, often intuitively as the painting progresses. I take inspiration for my art from observations of colour, nature, and music. 

In addition to being able to purchase artwork directly from me, I am also represented by Creative Fine Art, the paintings supplied to them are viewable on my Gallery Artwork page. 

I always love talking to art lovers and artists so I'd love you to connect with me via one of my social media pages or sign up to my email to be the first to hear about new work and special promotions. 

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